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Cambridge-bound Craig Taylor recognizes quality faculty at CC

Craig TaylorImagine working in a great job in your chosen biotech field. You have the title of global supply chain manager, responsible for procurement, planning, forecasting, and supplier management. You collaborate with research and development on new products and you are responsible for marketing new product rollout. Pretty heady stuff for most of us.

Now imagine giving all that up to go back to school.

Such goes the life of Craig Taylor, a 2004 graduate of Centralia College who is trading his position with NanoString Technologies, based in Seattle, to pursue a deep-rooted goal of a broader business knowledge and an MBA. His career goal is to combine these two passions and lead a biotech company that profoundly changes society’s view of medicine. His ultimate goal is to help eliminate disease and improve life.

The business side would help him find and develop new venture opportunities.

“I decided that if I was going to quit my job and go back to school, I’d better be attending one of the best schools in the world,” said Taylor. And that would be Cambridge. He begins at the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge in the fall.

Taylor became passionate about biotechnology and the promise it holds for society while in high school but Centralia College helped him nail down the business side of his vision.

“Centralia College served as a really great stepping stone,” said Taylor. My tenure at Centralia College was a time of growth. Coming out of high school, one (may not) understand what it takes to be successful at the next level. The class structure is different, one has more freedom, and the teachers don’t hand-hold anymore. As a student, one has to navigate through this new world. Although Centralia College didn’t delineate my career path, it did redefine my study habits and provide me with a concrete grounding that prepared me for success at a 4-year university.”

He came out of Centralia High School with a 4.0 grade point average, and chose to attend Centralia College on a scholarship that paid all tuition costs. While he could have gone to just about any university by attending Centralia College he was able to save a lot of money and not sacrifice the quality of his education.

“Knowing the quality of the professors and faculty and the immense amount of attention they give to each student, it was easy to conclude that Centralia College would be where I spent my first two years of college,” said Taylor.

He transferred to Western Washington University, graduated, joined the work force and is now on his way to Cambridge and an exciting new chapter in his life.

“Perhaps the most compelling reason for choosing Cambridge is the health concentration MBA the university offers. This means I’ll get a business education that’s tailored around the biotech/pharmaceutical industry, making Cambridge the most effective MBA available to me,” he added.

The quality of the faculty at Centralia College may well set the standard for Taylor’s studies at Cambridge. He said that overall Centralia College exceeded his expectations but went even further when talking about the college’s faculty.

“I don’t think people understand how world-class the professors are at this college. Even with my mother’s extensive insight (his mother, Nita Taylor, works in the college’s Enrollment Services office), I still underestimated the quality of instruction I received,” said Taylor.

Craig Taylor knows what he wants out of life and is going after those goals. Centralia College played an important role in challenging him, helping him along his path. Chances are that someday we’ll all benefit from his vision.

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