Molly McIntyre finds support at Centralia College

Molly McIntyre

Molly McIntyre

Many basketball fans know Molly McIntyre as a standout forward on the Centralia College Lady Blazers basketball squad. She also has a life off the court.

McIntyre, a first-year student, plans to major in psychology and earn her associate degree before moving on to a four-year college closer to her hometown of Spokane. She was recruited to play basketball for the Blazers, applied for and received a scholarship. The financial support made the difference in her coming to Centralia College and really made a difference in being able to work toward her career goals.

“The scholarship has really helped my family,” McIntyre said. It’s helping to make her college education possible.

As a first-year Centralia College student, McIntyre said she appreciates her experiences and the attitude students have toward getting involved in college life.

“I enjoy the college,” she said. I like that students and especially the student-athletes are so supportive of each other. It was great to see so many students at our games,” said McIntyre.

And the high level of support goes beyond that.

“Teachers are really friendly. They make a point to stop and talk,” she said. They care about each student. “I really appreciate how faculty helped me work around my sports schedule with my class work.”

The bottom line is that Centralia College is helping McIntyre as she works toward her goals and supporting her as she succeeds on and off the basketball court.

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