Kristen Schoenherr

Kristen Schoenherr

Kristen Schoenherr

After graduating from Rainier High School, Kristen Schoenherr looked forward to life on a big university campus. She enrolled at Washington State University to fulfill that dream. While things were mostly satisfactory, she found she wasn’t able to check her passion for basketball.

“I really missed playing,” Schoenherr said. She was a talented player while in high school but only one college wanted her services. “I had a lot of fun playing and I realized I wasn’t ready to give it up,” she said. Following up on her desire to play basketball, and while in her first year at WSU, Schoenherr contacted Shane Schutz, Centralia College women’s basketball coach, about playing. That conversation, she said, was a bit awkward because Schutz was the only college coach who recruited her before she moved to Pullman.

“He said that my wanting to play here was music to his ears,” Schoenherr said. “And I certainly was excited.” She left WSU at the end of the year and came to Centralia College to pick up her athletic interests.

“Centralia College is a really good school. It’s an active campus, not just because I was able to play basketball but because there’s so much going on,” Schoenherr said. “I’ve made a lot of really good friends and I’ve had the opportunity to get involved in campus life.”

Schoenherr also had praise for members of the faculty.

“The teachers are very helpful, they are willing to assist when I ask for help,” she said. “Overall my teachers care, not just that I do well in the classroom but that I do well in my personal life. That’s one reason why I like it here.”

On the basketball court she was a leader offensively and defensively and was recognized by her coaches as a player who brought a competitive spirit and a positive attitude. She helped make the other players better. Schoenherr was the Northwest Athletic Association of Community College’s western region Most Valuable Player and the Freshman of the Year awards recipient.

Her goal is to enter sports broadcasting and ultimately to work on a national level. She appreciated her Radio/TV class because it gave her “hands-on” experience.

“I was surprised when I found out we would be able to create videos and work with cameras and computers to put videos together. I don’t think that was something I would have been able to do at WSU until I was a junior,” Schoenherr said.

“Centralia College is a good college and I certainly would recommend it. There are really good support services, tutors, opportunities to experiment and chances to get involved,” she said.

She isn’t sure just yet where she will go next year but she’s going to be sure it involves playing time on the basketball court. And this time maybe recruiters will pay closer attention.


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