Edward Riley, selected for All-Washington academic team

Ed Riley

Ed Riley

Edward Riley was named to the 2013 Coca-Cola All-Washington Community College Academic Team and has been nominated to the 2013 All USA Today Community College Academic Team.

Edward Riley, who started college two years ago while in his mid-40s, is not a typical first-time college student, and what he has done while at Centralia College is not typical of most students.

“The economy had just tanked, and my personal life was a mess; I needed a change and I had always wanted to go to college,” Riley said. He enrolled, bringing a renewed perspective to his goals.

It is because of his drive, his academic achievements, and his involvement in campus activities that Riley has received multiple scholarships and has been named to the prestigious All-Washington Academic Team. He is also a nominee to the All-USA Today Academic Team through Phi Theta Kappa, the two-year college honor society.

In addition to his studies, Riley holds a student worker position and writes for the Office of College Relations, and he writes for The Blaze, the student newspaper overseen by The Chronicle newspaper. Riley has also recently written and published his first children’s book, My Monster and Me.

“My time at Centralia College has been incredible. I have learned so much, mostly about myself. I didn’t realize that I was capable of the things I have been able to achieve.” Riley said.

He attributes his success to the support of the faculty and staff at Centralia College, and to the encouragement of his family. “I couldn’t have accomplished half of what I have if it weren’t for my parents believing in me, and the help from everyone at the college. The encouragement and challenges I’ve received through my job with the college, Dr. Jody Peterson prodding me along in Phi Theta Kappa, even the ladies in the cafeteria teasing me; they all have made my experience at the college special. My time at Centralia College has been one of the most important in my life; I am grateful, and I will never forget it.”

Riley will graduate this spring with an Associate in Arts degree and will be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business marketing. Riley will continue with his own personal enterprises, and explore additional avenues of writing, which includes writing additional children’s books.

“I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I first started taking classes at Centralia College; I can’t say that anymore, because there are so many more doors open to me now.”


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