Delanie Willows, selected for All-Washington academic team

Delanie Willows

Delanie Willows

Delanie Willows was named to the 2013 Coca-Cola All-Washington Community College Academic Team and has been nominated to the 2013 All USA Today Community College Academic Team.

If passion determines success in a person’s career, then there is little doubt that Delanie Willows will be a great journalist. She is driven by her desire to bring about change and innovation through effective communication, essential for individuals as they inform themselves and improve their lives.

Willows has been in training as a writer for much of her life.

She started early in childhood by creating stories that her mother would transcribe. As she got older, she took over the writing part.

“I have notes scribbled on absolutely every free space of paper, I carry a journal as if it were engrained into my flesh,” said Willows. She was writing so much that she eventually felt the need to pull back from everything except homework assignments.

“Once some of that weight fell off with credit fulfillment, I ached for the creative side of things again,” she said. So, she directed her extensive writing into journalism, an interest bolstered by her scholarship from The Chronicle. She is now honing her skills as she writes for The Chronicle and its Centralia College student newspaper, The Blaze. This, she says, is the pinnacle of her writing career.

Her role as a tutor in Centralia College’s Writing Center also helps. “It gives me the perfect work experience in developing an objective viewpoint and listening to others, even if I disagree with their idea; it is the perfect recipe for news writing.”

Willows came to Centralia College as a Running Start student, looking for challenges in math. She found “an amazing experience. Coming from a small high school, I was afraid that I’d be lost. That didn’t happen. I received a lot of help from the instructors and from peers. I was continually taking classes that were better and better,” said Willows. But that was only part of it.

“A strength of this college is its diversity,” she said. She has developed great friendships among international students and others who “have added so much to my life and my studies. There is a tremendous cultural influence at Centralia College, and I appreciate that,” she said.


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