Aubrey Urban

Aubrey Urban

Aubrey Urban

Aubrey Lynn Urban, a second year Centralia College student from Adna, may not know exactly what she wants to do as far as a career is concerned but she knows that a good education is the foundation for her success. Right now she keeps a busy schedule that helps her explore her options.

She believes that a college education is important because it sets the stage for your future. “If you don’t go to college, you may not find your best job. Some folks, like my dad who works at the mine, were able to find good jobs but that doesn’t usually happen without a college degree,” she said.

Her college life isn’t all about books and study; she helped lead the planning for the Zombie Walk and worked to make the Costume Dodge Ball event successful. Those were happenings that are part of her on-campus role as the Recreation Coordinator on the Student Activities Admissions Team (SAAT). Aubrey was also a big part of the planning for the “Volley for the Cure” tailgate party and other events designed to celebrate October as Breast Cancer Awareness month.

On the academic side, she knows that she will get an associate degree in biology, setting the stage for a career in the sciences. Now she is taking biology and chemistry and that’s a full load in itself!

When asked why she was majoring in biology, Aubrey said, “I like how the body works and I really enjoy biology. I don’t know yet where I want to go with this or the job I’ll end up with, but I do know that it will be something in the science/biology field.”

Urban chose Centralia College because of the closeness of the school to her home and the affordable cost. She stressed the importance of attending college and not having to take out loans for the first two years. She received Centralia College Foundation scholarships last year and this year and said that has helped so much in her education. Urban said that she appreciates the availability of financial aid. (Centralia College students are receiving more than $8 million in the loans, grants, scholarships, and other forms of financial aid.)

The college experience is helping Urban in other ways. “Centralia College has really helped me ‘get out of my box.’ When I came here from Adna, I was somewhat introverted, but after getting used to the campus and my classes, I definitely came out of my shell. I like it here a lot. The small campus and class sizes are great. The teachers are easy to access and in a large university that isn’t usually possible.”

The first part of last year she didn’t attend campus events “until I was asked to get involved by a member of SAAT. I went to the acrobatic show in Corbet and it was great. That’s when I knew I wanted to be on SAAT,” Urban said.

“I enjoy my teachers at Centralia College. I am in Dr. Ruby’s (chemistry professor Dr. Ruby Nagelkerke) class this quarter and she is helping me understand chemistry better. Dr. Norton (biology professor Dr. Steve Norton) is my advisor and he is so intelligent and a big help.” Aubrey said she would recommend Centralia College to others for a number of reasons. She compared it a bit to her smaller high school “where you get to see familiar faces and feel secure and safe.”

If you see her on campus, ask about the Student Activities Admissions Team or any other club or organization on campus so you, too, can get involved!


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