Kenta Yamaguchi

Kenta Yamaguchi

Busy fulfilling his life’s dreams and goals, Kenta Yamaguchi is finding challenges everywhere he can. The twenty-seven year old Yamaguchi is a Centralia College International student from Japan. Since arriving in the United States three years ago, Yamaguchi has been studying at Centralia College. He came to Centralia College with a bachelor’s degree from a Japanese university and five years work experience as a Japanese licensed real estate agent. However, he did not speak English and that is what he wanted to learn to do.

Yamaguchi chose Centralia College because of the English studies programs. Through the college’s International Club, his friends suggested that he seek a work study opportunity helping with children at the Centralia College Children’s Lab. He used this opportunity as an additional way to enhance his daily English learning regime.

Summers off from classes have also been learning experiences as well as challenges. One year Yamaguchi took a Greyhound bus for two months of travel around the United States, and the next year he flew to Anchorage, Alaska, and rode his bike 4,200 miles up to Prudhoe Bay and back to Centralia. Biking approximately 60 miles a day for three months. Yamaguchi said he hardly got any sleep biking through Alaska, as the nights brought the sounds and sightings of bears. But, he made it.
Expecting to finish his Centralia College studies in about another year, he is contemplating a career in journalism. He noted that he also is expecting to return to Japan and may seek a career in an international industry such as import/export or with a trading company such as an international purchasing agent. Yamaguchi wants always to use his hard earned English language ability in his career and to work in the international arena.


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